Thursday, June 12, 2014

First day in school.

Fantastic first day at school. It has been great having the opportunity of experiencing a typical day in a Spanish school.


  1. Wow! It looks ALMOST as hot and sunny in Madrid as it is in York!

    Great to see your pictures - we're looking forward to finding out more about what you get up to.

    Hope the next few days are FANTASTICOS! Wish I was there in Madrid with you!

    Mrs Pollard

  2. Hello from Haxby Road! It looks like you're having great fun.
    Leo and Edmunds, we have a few questions for you to answer from the class:
    1. What different foods have you tasted? (Tyler)
    2. What was it like when you first arrived?(Jason)
    3. Do you think you would like to live in Madrid? (Bryony)
    4. Have you made any new Spanish friends? (Charlotte)
    5. How long did the plane take you? (Cameron)
    6. What was the thunderstorm like? (Sophie K)
    7. What is your partners house like? (Natalie)
    8. How is the school different to ours? (Kuba)
    We hope you have a good weekend, lets us know what you get up to!
    Mr Robinson's Class

    1. Hi there Haxby Road! I will get Edmunds and Leo onto it as soon as they ahve tucked into their Spanish Stew! Hope you ahve all enjoyed your flamenco today.

      Hasta pronto!

      Señora Sadullah x

  3. Hi everyone hopefully your are having a good time in york.
    Edmunds and I are going to answer some of your questions and if we don´t answer all we will aswer them in school.
    (Natalie´s question)Edmunds said, his spanish partner lives in an appartment which is two stories high. It is really nice but very different.
    Leo will answer Kuba´s question - it is different because the entrance is a lot smaller and the canteen is connected to the school. For dinner you get two kinds of main course and a slice of melon or fruit for pudding with a drink.

    Looking forward to seeing you all soon and we will tell you more about it!

    See you all soon!

    Leo and Edmunds