Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Adios Spain, next stop York!

Wow what a fantastic time we have all had in Spain. We have been so well looked after by the staff, parents and children and have so many exciting stories to share. All of us are excited about coming home and our husbands have been told to get the kettle on!!!!!

Thanks for all your support and feel free to add comments on the blog.

A big thank you also to Mrs Sadullah, Mrs Lobb, Mrs Maskill and Becky- the dream team!!

Mrs Williamson x

Feliz Cumpleanos Lucy.... and Olivia for Thursday!


What a nice looking cake!

Food, food, food... we will need some personal training on our return Mr Jones!!


Whoops, Mrs Williamson to too sure how to rotate it photo!

The smile says it all Charlie!

Mmmmmm. food

Another very hot day spent in the school, saying goodbye to all our friends we have made. We have just enjoyed a fantastic banquet of food provided by some of the host parents. All of us have happily tucked in and enjoyed the spanish snacks, the empanadas were very nice! We now have a short interval before our lunch.

Lucy is enjoying a very special and spanish birthday in Madrid. All the children sung happy birthday and Lucy even got to blow the candle out... did she make a wish???

our last day

Hola from Spain! Its tia lucy grace and mya

Last night we went to a park with a big lake and had a picnic with everyone on the exchange.  It was very warm and we had lots of fun. Once the football went into the lake and being the hero she is, she jumped into the lake and saved the ball. We ate some hotdogs and burgers which where delicous. We all really enjoyed ourself and it was a great way to spend our last night in spain. we miss england and can't wait to come back!!!! miss you guys xx

Safari Park

Hi! Its Ella here :)

Yesterday I went to the Safari Park, it was soooooo much fun. We saw:

Deers :)
Zebras :)
Camels :)
llamas :)
Ostriches :)
Rhinos :)
Elephants :)
Giraffes :)
Snakes :)

See you later. BYEEEEEE xxxxxxx :)

Last night in madrid

Hi it is Harry and Charlie.

Last night we went to East park in the East of Madrid.
We played football with Tino, Tom and some girls,who we stole the ball off and put it in the lake.We ended up playing water polo.We got very wet.  : )
Then we went pack home and dried off before going to an Italian restauraunt.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Metro Madness!

How many RWPA can you get on a metro before the doors shut? Luckily all of them, even Roger the sheep joined us. Today we took in the beautiful sights of old Madrid, although shopping was high on the agenda!

Shop ´til you drop!

Wow, what an exciting final full day in Madrid. The children wandered into Madrid and had photographs taken by the Royal Palace before heading to Plaza Mayor to do some shopping. All sorts of wonderful things have been purchased but we will wait for them to show them to you... an advance warning... you might be able to hear us coming along the M62. Biscuits were purchased by Mrs Lobb and Mrs Williamson, so provided we´re not peckish tonight we may be sharing them in RWPA